Rage in the Cage 149 Recap

ritcsteel011 Rage in the Cage 149 Recap

Rage in the Cage Arizona held its 149th Mixed Martial arts card was held in at Wild Horse Pass casino this weekend once again featuring UFC veteran fighters and a very exciting fight card. The packed house was ringside for 6 full unified rules fights which included 6 stoppages, and only two outside of the very first round.

It was a quick exciting night of fights but great action as always, here is a break them down of the nights action.


Bobby Tinney (Team Pit MMA) defeated Tony Ortega (Freestyle) via first round submission, rear naked choke. The fight was quickly brought to the ground where Tinney passed to side control. From the side mount ground and pound forced Ortega to give up his back. Tinney sunk in a deep rear naked choke and that’s where the fight was stopped.

Michael Heidenreich (Freestyle) defeated Josh Marsh (RITC TC) via TKO 2:21 into round 2. Marsh started with crisp striking that caught Heidenreich early and forced him into wrestling mode. It was a grinding first round and near the end Marsh has lost his stamina and was deep in an arm bar when the bell rang. Round 2 started and Heidenreich landed another successful takedown and pounded on Marsh until the ref stopped the fight via TKO.

Robert Gutierrez (Albuquerque Kickboxing and MMA) defeated Matthew Cano (Siege MMA) via KO just 14 seconds into round 1. Nothing like driving 6 hours to have a 15 seconds fight, and Gutierrez was on the better side of that story. The fighters had one exchange before Gutierrez ducked under a wide looping punch and threw a power over hand right which landed flush on Cano knocking him out instantly. Wasn’t much to the fight other than one very nicely landed punch and a great story to tell all the way back to New Mexico.


Jake Devree (Power MMA & Fitness) defeated Jeff Fletcher (Team Treacherous) via submission rear naked choke just over 2 minutes into round 1. This fight was dominated from the get go by Fletcher and as soon as it hit the ground a body triangle and punches set up a very tight rear naked choke. This gym has cranked out nothing but wins since they started fighting at Rage in the Cage.

Beau Tribolet (Undisputed) defeated Brian Bourgeois (LA Boxing) via TKO 44 seconds into round 3. The was defiantly a tough test for both fighters, Tribolet getting the bad side of a 40+ pound disadvantage and losing round 1 and the early standing striking portions of the fight. Cardio and heart kicked in and Tribolet step things up in round 2 with his takedowns and ground control over the Muay Thai Fighter. This was the right change of plans from round one where he tried to counter the slower striker but could not handle Bourgeois and his powerful kicks. In the third round Tribolet caught a kick and Bourgeois fell due to exhaustion. Tribolet smelled blood and finished his opponent with unblocked ground and pound.

Brad Peterson (Siege MMA / Koncrete boxing) defeated Aaron Brink (Golds Ahwatukee) via first round arm bar 2:50 into the fight. Porn star / ex UFC fighter Dick Delaware (Brink) came in very good shape for the fight and looked excited to get an early KO over a relatively new pro fighter in Peterson. Brink came out hard and landed a knee that was deemed illegal due to pre fight agreed terms. After that it was a takedown clinic from Peterson and a tight guillotine that was close to finishing it early from a tough guy in Brink. The position was reversed and Brink laid on some ground and pound but left his arm up for grabs and Peterson took advantage of the opening. Peterson is a brown belt in megaton Jiu Jitsu and his form was very much on key and nearly caused a lot of damage to Brinks arm. Brink was visibly mad once the fight was over, maybe because it was on short notice and against a relative unknown but Peterson has defiantly elevated his stock and with another quality win might get a shot at the big leagues.

A great mix of exciting fights last Saturday night at the casino in Arizona, so be sure to check out Rage in the Cage fighting again on March 19th with another very well executed MMA event. Also be sure to check out our photo section (coming soon) for live at the event fight shots.

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