Top Five Televised Fights from Saturday

pauldaley2 300x200 Top Five Televised Fights from SaturdayLast Saturday both the UFC and Strikeforce held live televised events that included amazing knockouts, grueling brawls plus the famous “Mckenzietine” and that was just the televised portion. Both events could be seen on free TV and started one hour apart, over lapped each other for two hours.

Hopefully most fans were able to DVR one of them allowing them to see both events, if not you missed out. Judging by the ratings it which The Ultimate Fighter 12 finale averaged 1.7 million viewers to only averaging 350,000 viewers for Strikeforce, meaning several fans missed out.

For those of you that missed out on the action or for those that watched both events, here are the night’s top five televised fights:

5 – Cody McKenzie defeated Aaron Wilkinson by 1st round Submission (Guillotine) [Submission of the night]

You have to love Cody McKenzie, everyone knows he has a mean guillotine yet they all end up tapping out or passing out.

4 – Dan Henderson defeated Renato “Babalu” Sobral by 1st round TKO

It wasn’t a knockout the Strikeforce main event end with very brutal ground and pound by Dan Henderson.

3 – Ricky Story defeated Johny Hendricks by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

A Good back and forth fight between these two wrestling based sluggers. Johny Hendricks came in undefeated at 9-0 but left the octagon with his first professional loss.

2 – Robbie Lawler defeated Matt Lindland by 1st round KO

If not for Paul Daley sending Scott Smith forehead first to the canvas, Robbie Lawler’s knockout would be number one. He does get bonus points for stopping the assault once Lindland was out plus extra points for nicely laying Lindland’s legs out as well.

1 – Paul Daley defeated Scott Smith by 1st round KO

A knockout in this fight was going to happen but Paul Daley’s brutal knockout of Scott Smith was one of the best pure knockouts of the year.

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