As we are still yet to see what disciplinary action that the Nevada State Athletic Commission will hand down to Nick Diaz following his failed drug test, UFC president Dana White issued a short public statement today in reference to the matter. Diaz’s drug test for UFC 143 yielded positive results for marijuana, and Dana seems none-too-pleased with the news, issuing the following statement to the media today.

“I am beyond disappointed that he tested positive for marijuana. It is now in the hands of the Nevada State Athletic Commission,” said White via UFC press release.

Short and bittersweet was White’s response, and while fans await the actions of the NSAC, speculation will no doubt reach a boiling point before any clear-cut answers are given. The immediate rematch that had been talked about between Diaz and Carlos Condit has disintegrated and as Dana said, it’s now in the hands of the NSAC.

This is the second time Diaz has tested positive for marijuana in Nevada, the first offense got him suspended for six months. The penalty for the second offense will undoubtedly be longer and likely keep Diaz out of action until 2013.

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