First of all, yet another episode passed without some of the more embarrassing house moments being shown, hallelulah!  Instead, the episode starts with Dustin Pague giving a gift bag to a homeless guy that we passed every day on the way to the gym,  what can I say, he was a genuinely good guy.  Then even more Pague antics as he eats a cockroach for $60, I wasn’t impressed.

Next it’s off to the coach’s challenge for some air hockey!!!  It would have seemed that the advantage leaned toward Miller being he’s a big kid but in the end it was Bisping’s laser sharp accuracy that was the deciding factor…and I made $1500!  Big thanks to Bisping again for the extra cash in my pocket.

The episode gets back to business with TJ Dillashaw hashing out his game plan with the coaches in training.  This is another fight on paper that would seem to be a wrestler vs. a striker but only time will tell.  Both guys are talented fighters winning two fights a piece to get here, whose day will it to be…

TJ Dillashaw vs. Dustin Pague further solidified my new-found belief that these damn wrestlers are taking over.  Dillashaw has spent the last 15 years competing as a wrestler and has seamlessly transitioned it into his relatively new career as an MMA fighter.  He was able to control and negate virtually all of Dustin’s offense with his wrestling and even win the striking due to Pague’s constant fear of the take down.  It was a hell of a show for both guys with Dillashaw showing that he had what it took to make it to the finals.  That being said, Pague showed good jiu jitsu and composure in being able to make it through the fight to the decision despite TJ’s relentless attacks.  Good job and congrats to both guys on a great fight.

Back to my previous statement that wrestlers are taking over and clarify.  That was blanket statement; wrestling is just another skill necessary to be a complete mixed martial artist.  As time passes and we have more of the youth growing up in the martial arts we’ll see 15 year strikers, 15 year jiu jitsu competitors, and 15 year wrestlers all able to match each other’s competitiveness and experience.  The sport will continue to grow and change and people will continue to adapt and become more well-rounded.  The sport has come a long way since the 90’s and thanks in big part to fan support so thanks again to all those tuning in, there’s much more to come.

Until next week!

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