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TUF 12 Recap: Episode 5 Disrespectful

| October 13, 2010 | Reply

TUF12 recap 5 300x176 TUF 12 Recap: Episode 5 DisrespectfulThe episode starts off with Josh Koscheck doing a little reminiscing when he was on the show in season one. Talking about how he was naive and green but took advantage and learned from the coaches like Chuck Liddell. Hope his team will take that same advantage and just believe in the system, because it works.

Team Koscheck bring in top ranked welterweight and teammate of Josh Koscheck, Jon Fitch to train with them today. Fitch likes what he saw with the team as they are all willing to learn.

Back at the house “Bruce Leroy” Alex Caceres continues the pranks with the house mates by putting bleach in Nam Phan’s fabric softener. It back fires on him though when his teammate Michael Johnson uses it and they have to scramble to catch it before the clothes are ruined.

Team GSP continues to bring in top assistant coaches in many different aspects of the game to help. Today they brought in former #1 ranked Muay Thai specialist Jean Charles Skarbowsky, who Georges St-Pierre tells his team is a character and to show respect. The guy smokes, only sleeps three hours a day and gets drunk before he trains, calling him a character is an understatement.

Jeff Lentz and Caceres are playing pool at the house and he is describing himself as having a love hate personality. Lentz recommend that Caceres just ease up a little but he isn’t having any of that.

Fight announcement time and Team GSP picks Spencer Paige (7-2) vs. Nam Phan (16-7). Not a surprise but Koscheck thinks Phan is a good matchup against Paige; at least he doesn’t want to jinx the team.

 Team GSP training session show the confidence both Paige and St-Pierre have in his striking and their only concern is should Paige find himself on the ground in a vulnerable position.  

Team GSP fighter Cody Mckenzie and Koscheck seem to have this ongoing back and forth trash talking thing going on.

Team Koscheck training session now and Phan is looking the best he has and is ready to go, according to Koscheck. Former Coach and Light heavyweight champ Chuck Liddell shows up at the end of training to chat with the fighters. It was right after his lose to Rich Franklin at UFC 115 and he sounded pretty retrospective on his career and just how hard it is to let it go.

During the weigh-ins Koscheck again tries to get in the head of St-Pierre, Paige describes Koscheck as acting like an immature sixth grader or a 12-year-old boy. St-Pierre admits Koscheck is bothering him and that he wants to say something back, but being disrespectful is just not his thing.

Fight Day and Dana White thinks the fight will be an interesting one

Round one: The fighters touch gloves and immediately Paige is throwing a high amount of kicks at Phan. Paige gets countered on one of those kicks and finds himself on his backside from a straight right hand, but he gets back up quickly. Paige is landing a lot of kicks to Phan’s legs and midsection but Phan is controlling the center of the octagon. With only 90 seconds left in the round Phan catches the leg of Paige and puts him on the canvas. Phan starts punishing Paige from a standing position above Paige, who is trying to defend off his back. At the 30 seconds point Phan takes side control then easily moves to north / south and gets a kimura on the left arm that looks really bad. Paige somehow doesn’t tap and survives the round even though he looked in pain and his arm was in a very bad spot.

In the corner Paige looks hurt and everyone knows it

Round two: Phan opens the round with a right kick to the right side of Paige and he begins to favor that side. Phan see this and starting working that side more and Paige is definitely hurting now. He isn’t giving up though and is still moving along the outside while Phan controls the center. Paige falls and Phan move in landing some hard knees to that left side. Paige is able to get back up but is clearly not right, throwing a lot of spinning back fist and kicks with little success. As the round comes to a close Paige is just trying to finish the round without getting knocked out.

Easy Unanimous decision for Nam Phan and he gets team Koscheck their first win, which they celebrate in a rather over the top fashion.

Koscheck takes the opportunity to rub in the victory to St-Pierre and when the teams get back into the locker room team Koscheck continues to celebrate by banging on the wall adjacent to team GSP.

Paige reveals that in the first he blew out his shins kicking too much and broke his right hand as well.

A Look at next week’s episode:

  • It will be a special two fight episode
  • Back at the house team Koscheck continues to rub in the victory
  • St-Pierre gets cut during training that needs stitches

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