I have been a die-hard UFC fan since “the fight” at the Ultimate fighter finale between Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar. That fight was my first impression of the sport and as like many others I was hooked. I started to branch out beyond the UFC once I got familiar with the sport. I pretty much stayed in the states for my MMA fix; Japan just didn’t do it for me. I have watched almost every MMA event televised or PPV since 2005. I watched the UFC grow so fast to where it is now. I witnessed the start of Strikeforce, EliteXC and Affliction. More MMA was a good thing, but I noticed right away that they were not the UFC. That is probable why both the EliteXC and Affliction quickly closed their doors. Both the UFC and Strikeforce grow stronger for it and hopefully so did the fans.

I’ve wanted to do this site for years. I wanted to voice my opinion of the MMA world. You’re more then likely not going to get breaking news here; I’ll leave that to the big boys. What you will get though is honest views and thought provoking questions towards Mixed Martial Arts.