UFC 129 Facebook Results

ufcbanner UFC 129 Facebook Results

The UFC took their show north to Toronto and in front of a massive audience of some 55,000 people, they choose to air their entire undercard.  There were five fights on, here’s the result of those fights.

Pablo Garza vs. Yves Jabouin

Both fighters came out and exchanged early, with Garza the more aggressive of the fighters.  An early highlight came when Jabouin landed a crisp spinning back kick on an break.  After a brief clinch, Pablo was launched himself for a flying triangle which he eventually turned into a top mount triangle, and after fighting the choke off like a champion, Yves Jabouin was forced to tap out at 4:30 of the first round. Great first fight.

John “The Bull” Makdesi vs. Kyle Watson

The fighters opened the fight tentatively and nothing of substance is landed.  Watson tries taking the fight to the mat, but he’s easily rebuked by Makdessi, who keeps the fight standing.  The two fighters exchanged kicks, some jabs and nothing much happens.  Ref tells them to step it up, Makdessi misses a couple shots, Watson misses a high kick.  Round comes to an end.

The second round began very much the way the first one ended, and there was little to write home about.  Watson clinches and lands a few shots, but Makdessi pushes him away and circles around to the middle.  The 55,000 are not thrilled and either can Dana and company be by the pace of this fight.  After a missed spinning back fist by Makdessi, Watson clinches and goes for a trip, but can’t finish it.  Watson lands the first substantial shot of the fight with a high kick.   Makdessi lands two right hands, the second of which hurts Watson.  The round ends and we’re heading to number 3.

The third round opens and Watson puts Makdessi against the fence in a clinch.  He’s holding him there, landing a few short knees and on the break, Makdessi lands a shot that opens Kyle up under the eye.  Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Makdessi lands a spinning back fist, the likes of Serra/Carter and Kyle Watson is unconscious on the mat.  Amazing knock out finish to what was otherwise a humdrum fight.  Watson stays down but makes it to his feet to leave the cage unassisted.

Jason MacDonald .vs. Ryan Jensen

It’s nice to see Jason MacDonald back in the Octagon after his grotesque leg injury suffered at UFC 113 against John Salter.  The fight starts quickly as MacDonald puts Jensen against the fence but Ryan Jensen immediate catches Jason in a guillotine choke.  The choke is sunk in very tight, but MacDonald, much to the pleasure of the fans, pops his head out and works for Jensen’s back.  After he gets the hooks in, he attempts a rear naked choke.  Jensen would eventually slide off, only to be immediately put in a triangle choke, that ends the fight at 1:37 of Round 1.

Ivan Menjivar vs. Charlie Valencia

Valencia opens the fight by throwing a missed leg kick and eats a body kick in return.  Ivan sets up a right hand with a couple feinted jabs, and lands a crisp right on Valencia.  Ivan is definitely the aggressor of the two.  The two fighters dirty box from the clinch before an elbow drops Charlie Valencia who is immediately pounced on by Ivan who finishes Valencia by TKO 1:30 into the first frame.

Dave Roberts vs. Claude Patrick

The first round opens with Roberts trying to be aggressive and lands big shots, but he’s immediately taken down and put on his back.  Dave Roberts searches for a kimura and nearly sets it up, but Patrick fights it off.  Patrick sweeps and gets back to his feet, and gets the better of him standing.  Roberts eats an occasion shot and is tossed down by Claude.  With the first round nearing an end, Roberts eats a straight right, and then about ten quick shots in rapid succession and he struggles to defend and make it to the bell.

The second round finds Daniel Roberts already slowed and lacking stamina.  After a brief standing exchange, Roberts is able to take the fight where he wants it, taking Patrick down and controlling from top position.  Roberts can’t keep him there and the fighters get to their feet.  Patrick takes Roberts down, but is swept and Roberts passes to side control.  The fighters fight on the mat but eventually Claude Patrick gets to his feet where the round ends.

The third round opens and Daniel Roberts is out of gas.  After some back and forth, Claude Patrick catches a leg, gets a takedown and advances to mount.  The two fighters trade choke attempts and little else for the next three and a half minutes.  The bell ends the fight and Claude Patrick has a 29-28 across the board Unanimous Decision.

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