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MMA Valor Fighter Rankings for Start of 2011

FighterRankings 300x126 MMA Valor Fighter Rankings for Start of 2011A new year is upon us and with all things new there is some change. Starting now there will no longer be a fighter rankings page, instead there will be updated rankings once a month (twice this month) in a form of a post.

2010 was another great year for MMA and it saw many new champions be crowned while other champs were able to hang onto their belts. Rankings are loved and hated by many, everyone has their opinion and thus rankings become very bias and looked down upon. Rankings are important though and whether you agree with them or not they are always an excellent conversation piece.

I will not try to tell you that the MMA Valor rankings will not be impartial or bias because unless you have a computer doing long mathematical equations a human being is just not going to be perfect. What you will get here though is the best rankings that we can provide you with and of course a spot below for you to disagree.

Key – [↑] = Moved up, [↓] = Moved Down, [•] = New to the list

Heavyweight (205lbs. – 265lbs.)

1. Cain Velasquez []
2. Fabricio Werdum [•]
3. Fedor Emelianenko [↓]
4. Alistar Overeem
5. Brock Lesnar [↓]

Light Heavyweight (205lbs.) 

1. Mauricio Rua
2. Rashad Evans []
3. Rampage Jackson []
4. Lyoto Machida [↓]
5. Jon Jones

Middleweight (185lbs.) 

1. Anderson Silva
2. Yushin Okami [↑]
3. Vitor Belfort [↑]
4. Ronaldo Souza [•]
5. Chael Sonnen

Welterweight (170lbs.)

1. Georges St. Pierre
2. Jon Fitch
3. jake Shields [↑]
4. Nick Diaz
5. Josh Koscheck [↓]

Lightweight (155lbs.)

1. Frankie Edgar
2. Gray Maynard
3. Gilbert Melendez
4. B.J. Penn
5. Eddie Alvarez 

Featherweight (145lbs.)

1. Jose Aldo
2. Manny Gamburyan [↑]
3. Hatsu Hioki [•]
4. Mike Brown [↓] 
5. Michihiro Omigawa [•]

Bantamweight (135lbs.)

1. Dominick Cruz
2. Joseph Benavidez [↑]
3. Scott Jorgenson [↓]
4. Miguel Torres [↑]
5. Brian Bowles [↓]

Ranks as of 1/6/2011

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  1. Deep Sea says:

    Heavyweight (205lbs. – 265lbs.)
    Cain -Overeem-DosSantos-Werdum-Fedor

    Light Heavyweight (205lbs.)

    Middleweight (185lbs.)

    Welterweight (170lbs.)
    GSP-Shields-Fitch-Penn-Nick Diaz

    Lightweight (155lbs.)

    Featherweight (145lbs.)

    Bantamweight (135lbs.)

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